Fabric Stickers vs Vinyl Stickers

By Chen K

Fabric Stickers vs Vinyl Stickers

What’s the difference between fabric and vinyl wall stickers and which should I choose?  This is the most common question I get asked since we’ve opened our Etsy Store back in 2013

Below you will find a detailed answer to this question, but  Before we jump into specifics,  why should you use silhouette stickers as decoration to begin with?

Why Wall Stickers?

Removable wall stickers are easy to apply and easy to replace, 
it’s also a quick, cheap and easy way to decorate your home. 
Why is that important? Imagine this scenario for example: Its 2019 , you got few wall decals for baby room, to add a bit of color and life to a white empty wall in the nursery. Fast forward to two short years later…. your now two year old toddler is all grown up with their own wants and desires (their favorite animals, cartoon characters they love), so the wall art stickers you put two years ago are now outdated and need changing.  This is one example why custom wall stickers are practical 
and an affordable way to replace, update and upgrade your wall decor. 

But if you are here, you probably already know how awesome wall decals are, 
so let’s move on to the main question.

What’s the Difference Between Fabric Stickers and vinyl stickers?


  • made from quality PVC material
  • are waterproof and highly durable
  • have  smooth surface – easy to clean


  • made from high quality flocked velour fabric (sometimes called velvet stickers)                               
  • are thicker and more dense
  • have soft textured surface 

So… Which Sticker Should I Go for, Fabric or vinyl? 

The answer is: Its depends!

For car stickers, mailbox decals or anywhere outside your house
like front door or windows the answer is VINYL, always.
Vinyl stickers are weather resistant, and perfect for outdoor use.
Now, if you want phone stickers to put on your iphone or phone case than the answer is  you can go either with fabric or vinyl. 
Personally, I prefer vinyl sticker on my phone only because vinyl is thinner and goes in and out of pocket easily.
About Stickers for walls and light switches, laptops and ipads decals or any indoor space, I definitely recommend the fabric stickers.
I think the velour fabric gives a classic, unique look to any wall or surface, But at the end of the day it’s a matter of personal taste.

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