Beautiful Peel and Stick Wallpapers

By Chen K

Beautiful Peel and Stick Wallpapers

I’m renovating my house and found beautiful peel n stick wallpapers for my kitchen wall and nursery, I added few more that I liked to this list. Enjoy! It is so easy and to transform any space on a budget with peel and stick wallpaper, people used it to decorate kitchens, bathrooms, bedrooms, hallways, and more.

Peel and stick tiles are smart and unique products that will simplify your life. The tiles can be easily installed directly over existing panels or smooth surface. Especially designed for kitchen backsplashes and bathroom backsplashes, the tiles are resistant to the heat of stovetops and the humidity of bathrooms. The size of the tile is 12″x12″


Nursery Gray Woods Peel & Stick Wallpaper

​This darling gray and white wallpaper makes a happy chic look in your nursery! It will not damage walls and stays put as long as you would like. Comes on a 20. 5In x 18Ft roll.


Wallpaper for Counter Top Kitchen Shelf Drawers Liner

This waterproof wallpaper is practical and easy to install, just peel and stick. It is easy to clean and only needs to be wiped with a damp cloth. Can protect the table top. Oil-proof, suitable for kitchen, cooking to prevent oil from harming the wall. 17.7″x8.7″

Decorative Tile Stickers For Bathroom

Glass-like surfaces and embossed epoxy resin tiles. It looks like a real glass tile or polished marble tile, But it is easy to use because there is adhesive surface on the back.
You can make the desired shape with scissors or cutter, and if it is wrongly attached to the wall, you can remove it and reattach it.

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